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It looks like you've missed Clojure Remote 2016—but all hope is not lost. 

After a brief hiatus, Remote session videos are available for sale for a limited time. 

Here's the plan:

  • March 1: Clojure Remote 2016 videos available for purchase
  • April 27: Video sales close.
  • May 11: Videos become available for free on YouTube.

Yes, you're reading that right. Videos are $49 today on, then free from May 11 forward. Can't wait till then? Grab the videos early. Can wait? Cool, that'll be $0, just hold tight until May.

What is Clojure Remote?

Clojure Remote is Clojure's first all-remote conference. It was held online via on February 11th & 12th, 2016. It covers beginner to intermediate Clojure topics geared at the

Talks this year include:

  • Alan Shaw - Statecharts in the Re-Frame Environment
  • Anatoly Polinsky - Components vs. Functions
  • Bozhidar Batsov - A Few Pints of CIDER
  • Colin Jones - Beyond `top`: command-line monitoring on the JVM
  • Dave Yarwood - Alda: A Music Programming Language, Built in Clojure
  • David Tsao - Structured, declarative data visualization in clojure
  • Eric Normand - The Elements of a Functional Mindset
  • Jan Stępień - Erlang in The Land of Lisp
  • John Stevenson - Guiding People into Clojure
  • Jonathan Graham - Understanding Core Clojure Functions
  • Lucas Cavalcanti - Datomic transaction log migrations
  • Marcus Blankenship - Community Panel
  • Markus Hjort - Load testing with Clojure
  • Michael Drogalis - Keynote: Designing with Data
  • Nikola Peric - Optimizing Performance in Real-World Problems
  • Panel: Clojure & the Community - Alex Miller, Bridget Hillyer, Colin Fleming, Eric Normand
  • Panel: Clojure Web Development - Dmitri Sotnikov, Kamil Leszczuk, Matthias Nehlsen, Paul deGrandis, Philip Meier
  • Paula Gearon - Clojure and the CST
  • Priyatam Mudivarti - Protocol Oriented Programming in Clojure & Cljs
  • Vinicius Correa - Datomic transaction log migrations
  • Zach Tellman - Keynote: Sense and Referential Transparency

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